Méningue performs as a boy in a burlesque coffee house in order to ensnare the guest singer. The artists : "I Neri Per Caso", Marco Masini, Gianluca Grignani, Renzo Arbore, Gianna Morandi and "I Pooh" participated in other emissions.

“Taxi”,conceived and realised by Lucio Dalla who signed on as producer, went on air in 1995 on radio Rai3. This episode saw Gianni Morandi as the lead role. He boards a taxi driven by Giorgio Cormaschi.who takes him to the “Magazzini del Sale di Cervia” to attend a concert where Lucio Dalla will be performing along with Barbara Cola, Iskra Menarini, Stadio. The taxi ride is an excuse for a very personal and informal interview and to meet the many characters that take part in this improvised brilliant show – like all the shows of the great Lucio Dalla.