from 4 to 7 weeks
This creative development course in the art of being a clown is the fruit of a long artistic experience and research that began in France and matured in Italy.
Being a clown... this primary need to express oneself - vital and moving, making one laugh and making rhymes with our astonishing humanity.... To make a scene of a new life, a new body, a new each instant as if it were a new treasure... Like the way a baby moves, the clown returns to the origin of things. As long as desire moves and possesses the body it is then the clown becomes a poet.
Jean Ménigault alias Méningue
Méningue also gives short training courses during the year. They offer an opportunity to discover and to experiment, using a particular approach and providing a springboard to go further.

The clown springs from the dynamic essence of a state that the actor constructs in the now – the starting point of the course – there where emotion wells, passing from laughter to tears, from tenderness to cruelty. The clown is more than a character – he is a state of mind where nothing is impossible!

A state where the actor constructs, parting from his deepest truths with his qualities, physical imperfections, attitudes, ways-of-thinking, talking, moving and loving…

The art of clowning is furthermore the grotesque, the brave, and fantasy. It is the total incarnation of an extraordinary emotive state, of extreme truth. Humility, vulnerability, simplicity, trust and empathy assume a state in which time stands still, magnificently dilated.

This work parts from one’s inner self and requires generosity, con-centration, distance, intensity, rigor, perseverance and benevolence in order to make all of our simple complexity easy to look at.

The pedagogy has its roots in physical, gestual and vocal theatre. It enables the participants to acquire the improvisation techniques of playful clowning and to create, day by day, one’s own clown character with make-up, costume and grand entrance…one’s own number…

The course concludes with, in agreement with those participants who wish it, public shows during the last week. Some will be held at the Teatro del Carmine in Orvieto in Umbria and the Teatro del Montevaso in Chianni in Tuscany. Previously, some of these were presented Teatroclown (Clowntheater) in 2008; Serata Clownesca (Clowning Evening) in 2009; Serata Clownesca (Clowning Evening) in 2010. The workshop is a residential one and takes place each spring in Tuscany, Italy, near Pise. It is held in a comfortable old farmhouse, “Agriturismo Teatro del Montevaso ”, The farmhouse is situated in the middle of an unspoiled natural place but is close and accessible to the city.

The experience is focused on a work of high quality but at the same time on relaxation and rest. Living together contributes to harmonious interaction amongst the participants.The grocery shopping and cooking is done by the groups. The number of participants is limited to a maximun of 12. The languages spoken are: Italian, French and English. The city of Cecina or Pontedera is easily reached by train. A pick-up at the train station is provided. The next four-weeks’ course is expected to take place from the 24rd of march to the 22 st of april 2022.