Meningue interprets diverse roles as clown and actor
in his four operas and in the intermezzo in an act from Samuel Beckett.

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4th PERGOLESI SPONTINI FESTIVAL – Jesi, Italy 4th – 12th September, 2004.

The Village Soothsayer

one-act French opera by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

La Serva Padrona

The Servant-Turned-Mistress

Comic opera by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

In this first collaboration with the German stage director Henning Brockhaus, in the fascinating world of Italian opera, and what’s more, starts and plays in a tent with the decor of a circus of yesteryear. Méningue clown performs two roles in these two operas that follow and end in the open, with a garden party in the grounds of the villa Salvati. This initial success, others will follow and create a special complicity with the stage director on the theme of poetic clown, mime, mask and circus opera.
The musical genius that set Paris aflame – Pergolesi and the Neapolitan Comic Opera. The Pergolesi Spontini Festival’s 4th Edition program is based on the Querelle des Bouffons (“The Clowns” Quarrel”) that setC18th Century Paris aflame and was strictly connected to LaServa Padrona’s representation. In an absurd dispute between French Tragedy and Neapolitan Comic Opera, encyclopaedists branded the first as conventional and affectedand praised the second as an authentic representation of real feelings and dramatic situations.After his death, Pergolesi, was considered by Rousseau as the genial author of a new form of musical theatre which became the connection between Naples and Paris – the two capital cities ofEuropean music at the time. Music is the common thread in the two cities. Composers and virtuosos from both courts included Scarlatti and Marais, Couperin and Leo, Rameau and Durante and alsofeatured popular music and songs. Next to Pergolesi’s masterpieces – Il Flaminio, his last comic opera and La Serva Padrona that triumphed in Paris in 1752 and to Rousseau’s, Le Devin du Village – which was inspired by the Neapolitan model, contemporary music appears to be tied to those distant times.
Under the stars, in the open air, the conclusion of a late night with the comical scenes of the clowns who perform the pantomime, Devin Du Village (The Village Soothsayer). And Jean Méningue alongside the young main actor, the joker of the entire evening, a silent still presence, terrified and overwhelmed like Chaplin, and expressive like only certain "Comics" know how to be, without smirking, with the power of a distracted look. The yellow stiff wig, hovered continuously, intriguing in both performances that filled the beautiful night adventure at Villa Salvati.
Lucilla Nicolini, September 2004
With two excellent, very young performers: Alessandra Marianelli and Maurizio Lo Piccolo. Everyone, including admirers of the virtuoso with whom Brockhaus gave meaning to Rousseau's operetta, with the same performers of the tenor Filippo Adami. The extremely talented mime, Jean Méningue participates in both stagings.
Michelangelo Zurletti - September 2004
The soprano, Alessandra Marianelli; the tenor, Filippo Adami; the bass, Maurizio Lo Piccolo – all between 18 and 28 years old and most involved in the customary staging; additionally there is the presence of circus performers amongst which is the indomitable mime, Jean Méningue.
Luca Del Fra – September 2004


Le devin du village
Music by J.J. Rousseau
(Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini Edition with Critical review by Claudio Toscani.)

La serva padrona
Music by G.B. Pergolesi
(Critical review by Francesco Degrada)

Direction : Henning Brockhaus
Scenes and Costumes : Julio Paz
Light Designer : Marco Ferrari
La Gioiosa Marca Musical Players
in collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti of Macerata (Macerata Fine Arts Academy) and AsoloMusica.

Interpreters :
Serpina : Alessandra Marianelli
Uberto : Maurizio Lo Piccolo
Vespone : Jean Méningue
The soothsayer : Filippo Adami
Players : Susanna Giarola, Claudia Bellasi, Urana Marchesini