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with most unusual worlds full of poetic meaning.

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Relitti Rieletti

One clownesse show with musician on stage

by Urana Marchesini and with Max D’Adda

And that which seems, murmers in a final appeal, in a final sigh the objects of a common waste, abandoned to the pleasure of your desires. Fortunately, a very sinuous being elected a home for you, who for our pleasure guides us to his imaginary palace: where all is revived; all is reborn and leaves us to dream.

Created : 2002
By : Urana Marchesini and Jean Ménigault “Méningue”
With : Urana Marchesini
Percussion : Max d’Adda
Director : Jean Ménigault “Méningue”
Original Music Score : Max d’Adda and Matteo Nahum
Costumes : Eliana Marchesini
Extras : Mario Marchesini
Length : 75 minutes

Datasheet on request.